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Day One

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Well I made it into the city regardless of the snow and as I walk to class in the bone chilling wind the apprehension of  “I  am really prepared for this” sets in.  Well that feeling was far from going away when as soon as I walk into class the instructor asked who I am… apparently I AM the only one that didn’t participate in the level two course out of the whole class!   “So do you have any training or experience? “……” Ahhhhh no“….I tell her. …”Oooh so just jumping right in huh?”.   Now  I am really doubting myself.  Just imagine here I am in this bright sterile room with a white tablecloth and four glasses in front of me with crackers, water, and cups.  Holy sh*t   I am sooooo screwed. Well after a brief description of the course we go right to tasting, oh did I mention  it was a BLIND  tasting!!!  “Ok stay calm, you can do this, you do this with wine at home”.  So what do we smell?  Citrus, lemon, minerality, stone fruit are some of the answers being thrown out.  WHAT!!! I smell Fu*#king bread!!    My heart races….then the instructor adds I get a powerful aroma of yeast.  Ok…. it’s going to be ok, I CAN do this.  The rest of the class we do more blind tastings and I hold my own.  I definitely need to fine tune my tasting  ability, hopefully this will come with time.  I am excited that this journey has started but I wonder what I will be able to achieve, I am such a novice, but excited to grow.  Till next time………..

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